What is Justwalkabout?

Justwalkabout is a tourist portal for tourism enthusiasts, people who like active recreation and everyone who enjoys new places. Thanks to this portal, you will use the possibilities that the GPS, smartphones and new technologies give you. What's more, this navigation for your phone (in a tourist version) will allow you to make money.

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How it works

This portal provides tourist routes from different regions and with different levels of complexity. This will cause your tour to be full of the right information, events and descriptions of the given location. You can download paid routes created by other tourism enthusiasts any time.

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For You

We have gifts in the form of travel gadgets for the first users.
Like us on Facebook and get every 10th route for free.

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About Us

Our company was started on 1 January 2011. Since its inception, the basic branch of development are commercial services and IT services. Our range covers the local market as well as country. We serve the business sector and retail sales. We provide ERP software, solutions dedicated to housing associations and property managers. On request we carry business description, implementation and consulting business. We serve the retail market, using apps and online stores. We provide customers the delivery of products and services throughout the country. From 2012, we are using EU subsidies. Has been built mobile support system for journey. The system facilitates access to the information desk. Provides access tourist trails both in the cities and on the outskirts of the metropolis.

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